About us

Having evolved from FESTA: The Festival of Transitional Architecture, Te Pūtahi is focused on the current rebuild and on-going renewal of our city for the long term. Members from Christchurch’s creative community have come together to use their wealth of experience in how to creatively engage a wide range of stakeholders and users with the making of a better city.

Te Pūtahi is a vital contributor to a healthy city. Our work will create space for people to learn and develop as citizens, neighbours and as built environment professionals. We will work, with you and for you, to engage people in city-making to make a better Christchurch.

Te Pūtahi is governed by a registered charity, the Christchurch Transitional Architecture Trust. The current trustees are:
Mike Fisher (Chair)
Richard Hayman (Deputy Chair)
Richard Wall
Ceciel De la Rue

A recent Trustee, currently on leave with an intent to resume her position in 2017:
Coralie Winn (maternity leave)


Our partnerships will expand and diversify over the next few years. Our independent position brings both an open and a critical mind. We aim to understand our collaborators’ motivations and parameters: we understand that different people engage for different reasons. We will work with those both affecting and effected by change to the built environment. We are well placed to step back and look at a bigger picture and to tune into the fine detail- in order that Christchurch’s can be better.