Architecture in Transition: Stories from Buenos Aires // Wednesday 3 May 2017

Coke Nazar

Informal presentation and discussion

Space Academy
371 St Asaph St

Architecture in Transition: Stories from Buenos Aires

Coke Nazar is cautiously an ‘architect’. He lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina, although he’s spent the last 5 months living in New Zealand.

At this informal gathering, Coke will share stories of his work as an alternative architect in Buenos Aires, where he’s as interested in empowering people and communities as he is in design. Coke will share some of the projects he’s been part of in recent years, including ‘Quinta Esencia’, a sustainable/permaculture experimental campus made from natural and recycled materials and the ’Manos de Muter’ (female hands) action in Buenos Aires’s self-built neighbourhoods.

Coke’s 20-30 min presentation is the stimulus for a broader, discussion about activism in architecture and social change that is open to all. Come and grab a beer at Space Academy and join the discussion!

Thank you to Space Academy for hosting Coke’s presentation. 

Coke Nazar 

Coke Nazar was born in Buenos Aires and has a strong relationship with the countryside via a family farm. He studied art and architecture and university. After studying he worked in formal architecture for a while. He has spent the last 6-7 years working on more sustainable architecture with appropriate technologies and passive systems and on participatory design in an urban context.

Photo: Quinta Esencia, Argentina 

Date: May 18, 2017