Christchurch Conversations: Gil Penalosa

8 Actions to Create Vibrant & Healthy Cities for ALL

How can we create vibrant and healthy cities for everyone, regardless of age or social status? How can we address some of our most important global challenges through meaningful engagement at the local level? What actions can Christchurch do today, when it comes to public space, that can improve quality of life for ALL?

Gil Penalosa came to Christchurch 4 July 2016 and answered these questions while also explaining a simple and effective principle for inclusive city building: ensuring the safety and joy of children and older adults (from 8 year olds to 80 year olds) are at the forefront of every decision we make in our cities.

Gil Penalosa is passionate about cities for all people. Giladvises decision makers and communities on how to create vibrant cities and healthy communities for everyone regardless of age, gender or social status. His focus is on the design and use of parks and streets as great public places, as well as sustainable mobility: walking, riding bicycles, using public transit, and the new use of cars.

Gil is the founder and chair of the board of the internationally recognised non-profit organization 8 80 Cities, based in Canada. The organization was created centred on a simple but powerful philosophy; if you create a great city for an 8 year old and an 80 year old, you will create a successful city for all people.

Find out more about Gil Penalosa and his work here.


Date: July 31, 2016