Our Lady of Victories Prayer Group

During this conversation, the Our Lady of Victories Charismatic Prayer Group explored their thoughts about community and Christchurch with us and each other. Gathered in the hall opposite Charles Thomas’ 1968 iconic church, we chatted about Christchurch’s Catholic architecture and acoustics, the history and changing face of Christianity in Christchurch, and how being part of a denomination which is accepting, accepted, aging, and becoming more ethnically diverse has shaped members’ sense of belonging here. Love for the city’s topography, flora, past and future was evident, and when asked that terrible question – please describe Christchurch in one word – we heard, Christchurch is; ‘space; home; meandering; thriving; thinking; stressful; beautiful; children; ours; awesome; blessed; my life; supercalifragilisticexpialidocious; and, futuristic.’ Heartfelt thanks to you all!

More information about the Our Lady of Victories parish can be found here.


This conversation was part of our project One Conversation, 100 Communities.

Date: May 10, 2016