Permitted Exceptions // Wednesday 12 April 2017

Anne Wagner

Free Public lecture

DL Lecture Theatre
Ara, Institute of Canterbury

Permitted Exceptions: Temporary Urban Spaces Between Vision and Everyday 

Dr Anne Wagner examines the phenomenon of temporary use in a contemporary Northern European planning context. In this lecture she analyses temporary uses and short-term interventions in the context of redevelopment of urban spaces and landscapes, as a mean to reactivate, fuel and support meaningful collective urban life.

The background for this work is the increasing interest globally in initiating temporary use projects within urban redevelopment by public authorities, such as municipalities, related sub-organisations and partnerships. While ‘temporary urban spaces’ in this context contribute to an increasing multiplicity of spatial expressions and practices, they not only challenge established planning procedures, but also understandings and use of space.

Anne Wagner’s lecture is presented in collaboration with Gap Filler and Ara School of Architectural Studies.

Anne Wagner 

Dr. Anne Margrethe Wagner is a trained architect and assistant professor at the Division of Landscape Architecture and Planning, University of Copenhagen. Anne has several years of experience from practice and research and her work focuses on urban transformation and public outdoor space within contemporary urban planning and design practice.

Photo: Re-use of a former sugar factory in Groningen, The Netherlands

Date: May 18, 2017