Can we be a zero-waste city? Saturday 4 September


Saturday 4 September, 1.30-3pm

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Hear about what we can do to reduce rubbish and emissions, make the best use of our stuff, and slow climate change

Every week our household rubbish is sent to landfill and added to the pile of unwanted stuff from other households, businesses and institutions across our city. It all adds up.

Christchurch folk send roughly the equivalent of 8142 city buses of waste to landfill per year.  In fact, waste is the third biggest source of emissions in our city.

Where does it come from? Where does it end up? What happens to it along the way? Is all that stuff essential? And how can we look after the planet while using the stuff we need?

Keeping our materials in play for longer, making the best use of them, buying local, lending, repairing and reusing are all strategies we can use to reduce our collective pile of rubbish and our impacts on climate change.

Join us for ‘Can we be a zero-waste city?’ to hear from experts, businesses, individuals and community groups who are already making the change. Learn how we can downsize our rubbish and minimise our emissions, and what it would take for Christchurch to be a zero-waste city.

This is a free community event, but bookings are required for the presentations. Book now.


This event is made possible by the support and enthusiasm of our sponsors and supporters, especially Principal Partner Christchurch City Council, Research Partner Building Better Homes Towns and Cities: National Science Challenge, and Series Sponsor It’s Time Canterbury.

Date: January 14, 2021
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